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About Brooks Frazier

Brooks Frazier was born in Wyoming but raised outside the USA from three years old until starting college. His father was an exploration geologist working in Libya, Somalia, Ethiopia, and South Korea. Experiencing a wide range of cultures, the Frazier’s developed a love for enjoying and functioning in each one.

Many travels and adventures in his youth instilled in him a love of new, and sometimes risky experiences, with strong mindfulness of what was happening around him. As an adult living and working in N. Africa, S. America, Europe, Russia and Central Asia, Brooks continued to make the most of his encounters with countries and people, finding in them unending interest and joy.


Brooks has a degree in Petroleum Geology and has been happily married for 33 years. The stories told herein are a few of the many experiences Brooks had while sailing and onshore during 1973.

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