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Hey Brooks:

Congrats on OAKUM STRANDS, a fine memoir in the genre of “initiation and maturation.”  I enjoyed your yarns.  Your madcap scramble on Anak Krakatau brought back my own memories of hiking through the sulfurous clouds on Soufriere in St Lucia and trying to summit Mount Pelée in Martinique.  Your adventure was orders of magnitude more adventurous.  Bravo.  FOUR WINDS was a lovely schooner. Do you know what became of her?

From: Cap. B

I just finished your book. You are a truly gifted writer. My only disappointment was that it was so short.

From: GH

Congratulations.  We know that you worked long and hard on this.  We've ordered our copies.  Now you can relax.

From: D&J

Hola Brooks!

As soon as I received the book, I devoured it! In two days, I was done!  I enjoyed it so much that I just finished rereading it again!  Your stories are amazing, fun, and learning from the people you met, what you saw and ate made it very interesting!  You did a wonderful job!  I have in my imagination the human ‘horses’ that could keep on because of the stimulation received, so high to eat banana peels - YUK!  I enjoyed your visit to the volcano, and so many more stories!  Congratulations!  Waiting for the second!

From: OYA

Really enjoyed your book and waiting for next one!  It’s really adventurous and I was on the edge of my seat when you ran aground and when you were hiking around the volcano.  Aw youth - so much fun in risk taking!  It’s funny how certain events fall into your lap when you least expect them.  So, keep on telling the stories! Thanks, Anne

Reviews placed at 5.0 out of 5 stars:


Enjoyable Read.  Well written with lots of ship lore and vivid views of the Seven Seas.  The author is able to transfer the armchair reader right into the middle of a tropical evening, Junks silhouetted before a humid sunset, the smell of ocean air and the slap of the sea.  What young man did not have these dreams; Brooks takes up where Joseph Conrad left off in 'Lord Jim'...

From: Ward G.

True life adventures.  This was a very entertaining read - fun, exciting and informative throughout.  Brilliantly told stories that keep you turning the pages to see what happens next.  The writer has had a fascinating life!

From: Casponian

Reviewed at


A very exciting read and knowledge gained regarding sailing, especially what oakum strands are used for!  What a great life experience and memories forever.  I would highly recommend this book to anyone interested in the adventures of a young American explorer living outside of the USA.  The book is based upon a part of his life and is not fictional.  Really impressed.

From: AH

Super cool stories inside of super cool stories.  Way to go!  Can you add images of a Chinese Junk and a three-masted, topsail, gaff rigged schooner?  What I used to tell my Interpreter trainees was; "Don't tell me,...Show me!"

From: BG

Really enjoyed the book and it was a quick read.  Took me back to my days living in Spore during the early/mid 80’s.  You really had some exceptional experiences for a 20-year-old young man.

From: GC

Just finished your book.  Loved it. So glad you have taken up writing for you are really good.  Looking forward to the next one.

From: MH

A great read!  Hard to believe these experiences, adventures, and challenges are true and actually happened.  As told by a twenty-year-old, things probably didn't end here.  I suspect there is more to come.  I hope so!

From: MF

My friend Brooks Frazier has published the first book in what looks like a promising series of memoirs.  Brooks has some remarkable stories to tell.  Should be well worth your while.

From: OU

I used to be an avid book reader, but time and energy have evaporated now when I get home after another long day working with people helping them solve their personal needs.  My copy of Oakum Strands sat on the table staring at me and I at it, and then I flinched first, opened the cover, and was captivated by the first page.  Unlike other books I’ve started in recent years, yours is a series of adventurers as if from your journals.  It made me dig out a few of my journals and see how I can weave some of my adventures together.  Short stories are very effective and entertaining.  Thank you for the inspiration and well-done Brooks!

From: PT

Your website supporting your book looks great.  Loved reading the reviews…which were all good!  So impressed with what you have accomplished. 

From: RW

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