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Join a 20-year-old American on his adventures aboard a two-masted wooden schooner in the Java Sea of southeast Asia.

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Great sea stories from a born raconteur. Brooks Frazier’s “Oakum Strands” describes the journey of a young man finding his way as a deck hand in an American schooner sailing the waters around Singapore and the Indonesian archipelago in the early 1970’s. The language and imagery are colorful, and the author has a fine eye for detail and local customs in an era before mass tourism. Readers will learn why one should not explore an active volcano clad only in boat shoes and shorts. Highly recommended!

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Creating Oakum Strands

Welcome to this site that provides updates and information about my books, associated speaking events & region trips.  

Users can join my blog for discussion about how Oakum Strands came about, updates, progress on other upcoming books, plus adventure trip options into

South East and Central Asia. 

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